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A strong team of Smarsheet specialists that enables your organisation by building bespoke solutions, delivering training, and providing support.

Professional Services

ANATAS provides Smartsheet specialists to build Smartsheet solutions aligned with your business requirements. We work on both fixed scope and agile development patterns and provide checkpoints in the solutioning process to ensure periodic alignment needed to drive the required outcomes. A simplified view of our delivery method:

  • With our initial engagement, a BA will work with your team to understand the desired business outcomes
  • They’ll collaborate with you to finalise the set of requirements.
  • From there, the Smarsheet Solutions team will take over to design and implement the solution.

ANATAS will be your single point of contact throughout this process as we also coordinate and resolve any Smartsheet vendor/product queries.

Managed Services

The Managed Services offering comes with access to a Smartsheet Specialist on an as-needed basis. Our Support team ensures that Smartsheet remains available, always-on and performant within your organisation. We also provide quarterly business reviews to help you identify areas where RoI can be improved.

  • Periodic health checks on Solutions
  • Troubleshooting for operational issues and support for configuration challenge
  • All efforts tracked through timesheets presented weekly

Training & certification

ANTAS exclusively provides Smartsheet-certified trainers in Australia. Whether you need to initiate more team members or upskill the current Smartsheet users, our trainers provide both onsite and virtual classroom sessions.

  • Smartsheet-certified Australian trainers
  • All courses designed to be delivered under 3 hours
  • Courses for Solution Proficiency, Product Certification, Project Management, Marketing, and IT Track

Whether you are a semi-pro user or an aspiring Smartsheet Expert, we have the course you need.