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We provide standard and bespoke connectors to help you get the most out of your team and department. These solutions are low cost, quick to implement and don’t need any training or upskilling.


We deliver several Smartsheet solutions for PMO including Project Management, Portfolio Reporting, Integrated Resource Management, Budget Management and help you build an integrated IT ecosystem for a unified view of people and projects with sophisticated analytics. 

  • Create a portfolio of project plans that rolls up to a portfolio level dashboard.
  • Ensure fast-making decision, quality, and consistency in projects with an initiation sheet, decision workflow automation and processes for template creation.
  • Develop resource management views to give Project Manager resources’ allocation % across projects and portfolios to ensure visibility into team activity. Use the ability to drill down to get detailed views.
  • Managed third party contractors using web-based online forms to submit data and updates. Share only what each parties needs to see.
  • Build project specific dashboards to bring all project information to one place, both for project members and for clients and sponsors.


Pick from multiple Smartsheet solutions for TA, HR and HR Ops. For TA, you can use Smartsheet to maximise RoI on recruitment activities, streamline internal planning and coordination with hiring managers. For HR, streamline employee onboarding, resourcing and management.

  • Build checklists for the HR team to ensure activities are being scheduled prior to employee onboarding.
  • Present a dashboard view of company’s onboarding on real time in executive’s meetings (how many employees being onboarded, pending tasks etc).
  • Streamline document sign off with Docusign for signature tracking, reducing costs and errors, which ensuring compliance and governance of processes.


Smartsheet solutions for Data Centre migration, Software development, upgrades and migrations along with cross-org portfolio updates and reporting. Create seamless teams by enabling collaboration across stakeholder groups, control access to resources, and gain unprecedented visibility with roll-up reporting and dashboards.

  • Allow sheet owner to manipulate data sets and build automation so that critical data can be easily managed, shared and analysed.
  • Leverage inbuilt proofing features so content creation and approval can be managed directly in a single interface. Provide access to easily review, edit, and approve images, videos, document, and PDFs.
  • Use the powerful WorkApps engine to allow users to build role-based customized apps directly from sheets, forms, reports, dashboards, and even external content like files, weblinks, videos or presentations.


Automate compliance audit and risk processes through standardised, scalable solutions with all relevant info in one place with organised comments, attachments and checkboxes in Smartsheet. We deliver solutions that will help you track strategic initiatives, improve portfolio management and accelerate program planning and delivery.

  • Standard templates designed to deliver your companies finance processes will help finance team manage performance, track real-time actuals against budget goals.
  • Dashboards can provide a real time, snapshot of all the budget data with charts and visualizations of key data.
  • Formularized effort tracking or burn down roll up provides an easier way to track resources allocation time and converts this to dollar value.
  • Save time and improve processes with automated approvals requests and notifications especially with Accounts Payable team.