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Australia’s leading IT Services company with over 400 clients across all major industries. Our team of Smartsheet consultants and trainers bring in-depth knowledge of these industries.

Local Government

Owing to our extensive experience with the LGAs, we bring in the expertise to help our clients better organise processes, assign accountability, provide transparency to constituents, and deliver on commitments. As a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, we enable them to utilize consistent grant and contract management, intake requests, deliver cross-functional reports, and more.

  • Field Coordination - Keep field teams focused on priority requests and give them the mobile tools required to provide real-time status updates
  • Simplify Long-Term Strategic Planning by aligning timelines, then seamlessly track tasks and budgets to execute on your plans
  • Better asset management through data collection forms, bar code scanning, and GPS location tags to track your assets in real-time across departments and regions

With this consistency, collaboration and visibility government agencies are better able to help their constituents.


We help our Utility clients improve decision making, increase speed and unite their distributed workforces. While deploying Smartsheet solutions, we ensure that everyone has the right information and can increase traceability around responsibilities, such as work orders, recurring preventative maintenance, and safety inspections.

  • Recurring Preventative Maintenance to track ongoing tasks with reminders in order to minimize emergency repairs
  • Enhance program visibility with real-time field metrics that summarize progress across projects, and increase stakeholder confidence and trust
  • Increase inspection accuracy, speed, and traceability. Accelerate resolution by connecting the right people at the right time.

Higher Education

We deliver Smartsheet solutions that Higher education institutions use to bring together funding, planning and people to create educational experiences that improve lives. Smarthsheet helps align several teams on campus by providing a centralised platform for various key activities, enabling teams to move faster to improve their department, the student experience, and therefore the institution.

  • Campus Maintenance to create visibility into production progress, streamline collaboration, and accelerate output
  • Grant Application and Fulfilment Tracking that increases transparency, audit, and improved adherence to deadline
  • Superior IT Infrastructure Management through better project tracking and program reporting, increasing visibility to critical issues early and streamline cross-departmental collaboration

Schools rely on Smartsheet to manage and collaborate on key initiatives and program delivery.

Construction and Engineering

From pre-construction to closeout, ANATAS provides Smartsheet experts to connect your office and field teams, sub-contractors, consultants, and inspectors giving you real-time insights into the work that’s being done. With complete project visibility, you can reduce safety hazards, create clear ownership, reduce redundancies, and build more accurate schedules.

  • Boost Construction Team Collaboration with better on-site documentation by capturing issues in real-time and save time with resource management in a single source of truth
  • Access real-time data anywhere to reduce testing and inspection errors and improved close-out time with simple, mobile-friendly forms for the crew
  • Experience zero defects with intuitive scheduling and automation that results in more projects finishing as planned

ANATAS will be your single point of contact throughout this process as we also coordinate and resolve any Smartsheet vendor/product queries.